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As many of you know, Mitch Hedberg was a gifted comedian, who was on the verge of becoming a huge star, when he dropped dead in a hotel room from a drug over dose. He was speed balling (cocaine and heroin) when he dropped the fuck dead.
Pulling a Mitch Hedberg refers to a situation where a person is just about to succeed, wildly beyond their dreams, and just when it is within their grasp, they screw it up and lose, often with fatal results. Kurt Cobain and James Dean are NOT examples, because they had both become huge stars before their life styles killed them. Possible basketball great Len Bias, who overdose on cocaine after signing with the Bulls but before he could play with them, is an example.
Don't pull a Mitch Hedberg kids, that shit is not cool.
Hey, did you hear Tommy died?
Yup, dat boy was celebratin' his scholarship to Duke and drank drived his ride into the lake.
Damn, that boy pulled a Mitch Hedberg.

Man your record is going to go platimium, you better put that cocaine down.
No shit, I don't want to be pulling a Mitch Hedberg.
by Baron Von Blucher, MD November 16, 2010
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