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When an unsuspecting sexually repressed male falls prey to a clever succubus type female, usually found on myspace, inducing him to have unprotected sex with her, only to magically find that some relatively short period later, she's pregnant and it "could" be his. Her "timeline" of previous sexual partners and ultrasound photos more than clearly cast a shadow of doubt on the aforementioned repressed male's less than legitimate claim to fatherhood. This is predated by a screening process whereby the female cleverly ascertains his accumulated wealth and propensity to not shy away from responsibility, including, but not limited to, fatherhood. The female usually has less than admirable career goals, usually working some dead end job at a mall store, turning the unsuspecting male into a de facto sugar daddy.
Dude, she is pulling a Fallon on his ass!

Yo bro, I wouldn't mess with that broad, she about to be pulling a Fallon on your trust fund ass.

I'd give her 3:1 odds shes pulling a Fallon on him.
by Will the Thrill Ferreira June 28, 2007
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