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when a parent catches a child that isnt theirs doing something that she doesnt think is right (drugs, sneaking out, etc) in the middle of the night and takes them home to wake up their parents, inform them of the child's misbehavior, tell the parent that "you arent raising your kid right", and makes sure that the child is going to be punished, thus getting them in trouble.
Me (Cooper) and some friends got caught smoking in my bedroom, so my mom took both of my friends home at 2am and rang the doorbell. my mom then proceeded to try and tell the other parents how to punish their children, and told them that they werent raising their kid right.

A few months later, two kids got caught sneaking out of their house, and the mom of the house took the child that wasnt hers back to his house a 1am and made him ring the doorbell and tell his parents what he had been doing. She is accused of "Pulling a "Cooper's Mom""
by WhiteBoySwaagg January 17, 2011
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