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A term significant to Fairfield and New Haven country referring to the act of making up a bullshit life story to get sympathy sex from a ridiculous amount of underage girls.
Sometimes "Pulling a Paulie" may entail faking emotional disorders, or obsessions with feminine things such as Lady Gaga, Hello Kitty, Dildos, and a common misconrception that the person pulling a Paulie is an innocent person who does not do Drugs.

After the person Pulling The Paulie wears out the pussy of the 14 year old girl, or if she has already become a horrid 16 Year Old Girl, he will tell them he wishes they were dead and will move on to the next girl. People who Pull Paulies will often convince the girl they are Madly In Love with them and are meant to be together and often use the excuse "But your different from the last few (over 9000) girls"

Fairfield County is notorious for teenagers who Pull Paulies, especially ones that invade the Hipster, Juggalo, and Grindcore scene to Ruin Lives.

Epic Trolls are notorious for Pulling Paulies every day of the week.
Joey: Dude I went to Hatebreed last night and saw Jack pullin a Paulie!

Jeff: What you mean bro?

Joey: He was gettin all sobby with some freshman on the side of the pit. He got madd road head on the way back!

Jeff: Eh she'll be gone within the week.
by tibetanmonkexperience July 15, 2011
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