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To constantly lie to everyone, even though it isn't needed. Also to manipulate every girl you encounter to giving to money, sex, and self assurance. And if you have very bad grammer, you might be in the making of pulling a jamil. pulling a jamil is also the biggest swindle a girl could ever experience. Girls watch out.
Jamil: Hey do you wanna go out?

Victim #1: Yeah sure!

Jamil: Thats cool, i wanna breakup after i cheat on you k?

Victim #1: Thats lame. i can't believe you just Pull a Jamil..

Jamil: Cool can i have 20 bucks?

Victim #1: Why don't you just go **** franny and ride around in your hummer thinking you're so awesome, k?

Jamil: i never cheated on you, and i do look pretty cool don't i?

Victim #1: You are such a liar, and no you look stupid

Jamil: Fine you caught me

Victim #1: You are such a fag whore.
by Jbranch April 27, 2010
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