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To do something correctly, then suddenly when your half-way done you fuck it up bad somehow

To screw something up that was thought to be impossible to screw up

An unbelievably unlucky occurence

Getting in trouble for unnecesary recklessness or blatant mental retardation

Ignoring warrants
Yeah So I was helping to fix the carbourator on my friends Nova, then all of a sudden I pulled a gabriel and drop one of the screws into the engine block, losing it forever.

OH MY GOD!!! He was just supposed to go to the store, get milk and come back! But NO, he had to go and pull a gabriel by somehow getting pulled over for no turn signals and now he needs bail because he pulled another gabriel and never took care of his warrants!!!

So I was a little mad today but only because I pulled a gabriel and locked my keys in my truck. And then I pulled another gabriel by breaking the window on my truck to get my keys when I could have just easily called my parents and asked for the spare they have......
by Gabriel Ramon Sosa May 03, 2007
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