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One who consistently tries and acts in a homo-sexual manner even though he/she is not actually gay.
Bro, you are definitely acting like a Psycho Fag tonight.

Man, is it me or are you acting like an agressive homosexual?

Dude, I'm a Psycho Fag.
by Pyscho Fag April 15, 2011
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A Psychofag is a user on 4chan that is a normalfag by heart, but tries to fit into the community by acting like a Psychopath.

Fun Fact: this word originated when a user misspelled Psychopath, instead he said "Psycopahg"
OP: Hello 4chan, Can you tell me why Child-Murder and regular Murder are separate?
Anon 2: I think it's obvious.
Anon 3: Holy fucking shit dude, hit the breaks with that one.
SJW: Because a child has a long way to go before "going"
Anon 4: OP is a fag. But not just any fag; a Psychofag.
by Handle Scandal March 05, 2015
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