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A guy that is actually straight but gets friendzoned by all of his female friends and is treated as their gay bestfriend. The girl treats him as if he's their gay bestfriend despite the fact that he may want to actually have feelings or atraction towards her.
Joseph: Yo, how you gonna be hugging and cuddle up with all those girls but never do shit further with them.
Kyle: Dude, none of them like me in that way and it really pisses me off lowkey.
Joseph: Bruh, you know how girls always want to have that one gay bestfriend?
Kyle: Yeah
Joseph: Well, that's basically what you are.
Kyle: But I'm not gay tho so if anything I would be the "Psuedo-Gay Bestfriend"
Joseph: Yeah pretty much laughing.
by zeldalover1113 October 30, 2017
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