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The Ps3 fanslave is an idiotic and incompetent creature. It worships the Ps3 console in a tribal manner without thought or reasoning. Primitive by nature these creatures struggle to comprehend the most basic of logical arguments and will resort to violence whenever their "god" is threatened. These creatures blindly follow the Ps3 and are its slaves. They are afraid to defile their master and will stand by it no matter how horrible it does on the market. Ps3 fanslaves can be dangerous in large groups and may capture less informed gamers into their network of slavery.
You go to watch a video about an Xbox 360 exclusive game on Youtube. In the comments section you see hundreds of Ps3 fanslaves telling you the games sucks and that you should buy a Ps3 because they have been trained to slave away for Sony.

Will say that the Ps3 is dominating the market when in reality it is the worst selling console in years. Will throw useless and idiotic arguments at people example. "Ps3 can handle any game" "Ps3 has blu-ray" "Ps3 has the best games" "Ps3 is outselling Wii." and many other things that you cannot even fathom to be true or important.
by Xbot Elite April 06, 2009
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