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The frequent, very solid, and sometimes painful poops which result from eating protein bars and/or protein drinks. This typically occurs from eating too many protein bars or powder, as the body cannot metabolize the supplement efficiently.

When taking too much protein:
These poops usually occur many times per day, stink very bad to the point of potentially killing small pets, can be very painful and solid, and can potentially damage your toilet.

Protein poops are usually accompanied by protein farts, and when combined together, will ensure that the individual does not receive any attention from the babes / hunks they were attempting to impress.

Can result in: loss of girlfriend, loss of cat, injury to most dogs, damage to toilet, and damage to ass.
Sam: "So I had my skinny ass at the gym today, and some big wannabe tough guy destroyed the locker room with his Protein Poops."

Erik: "That happens to Jason all the time, now he never get any girls because he stinks so bad."

Sam: "Yeah this tool also ripped a protein fart next to some girls and they ran outside."
by FITstudent2009 June 20, 2009
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