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The act of a female milking a male's prostate by inserting the toe of her foot into his rectum while wearing footwear: namely ballet slippers or ballet flats. The term can also apply to a woman wearing heels, although when wearing heels, the term is Prostate Disco. She inserts the toe of her foot into the anus and continues pushing in and wiggling her toes until he either ejaculates involuntarily, or she forces him to masturbate. This is a form of domination or enslavement, for if this is done on him enough times in succession, he will be physically unable to ejaculate without her foot inside of him.
Fred: "Hey George, long time, no see! Why are you walking funny?"
George: "That girl I met in the club turned out to be a dom. She's been doing the Prostate Ballet in me."
Fred: "Dude, you need to get a way from her before she turns you into her footslave"
George: "It's too late."
by Jon_The_Psychologist February 06, 2014
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