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Many parents make a pledge wit h thier children (most commonly, daughters) to wait until marriage to have sex. The parents give the child a ring, called a promise ring, and it symbolizes their promise to wait.
A Promise Rong is the same exact thing. Parents talk to their child and give them the ring. The only thing is, basically all of the child's peer KNOW that they've had already.
Usually found on networking site profiles, usually myspace.
They flaunt the ring on their pictures, and they blab about how their waiting, but everyone knows its BULLSH*T.
Mandyxoxo5's about me;
I have a promise ring, so that means that i'm waiting until marriage to have sex.

(sarah and alexandra reading it)
sarah: haha everyone knows she's had sex already
alex: didn't she like, lose her virginity at like, 12?
sarah: how do her parents not know?
alex: look at her outfit
(both look at a picture)
alex: she has her boobs hanging out with her promise ring on.
sarah: like, seriously.
alex: i know she totally has a 'promise rong'!
by Banana Face McJiggins April 21, 2009
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