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A Professional Stoner is someone who smokes marijuana on a daily basis from once a day or to an all day activity. Yet what separates a Professional Stoner from a regular stoner is that a Professional Stoner is a PRO. They have the ability to go on with their daily life like a normal average-day Joe. Professional Stoner's do not let marijuana take over their lives and make them incompetent or lazy. Marijuana acts as a stress reliever for the smoker to make life a little easier to live with. Professional Stoner's are active and productive everyday because they have the ability to smoke marijuana as much as they like as well as continue with their schooling, work and responsibities.
Amy and Tuan are Professional Stoner's because they smoke marijuana everyday and still hold their responsibilities in school, work and at home.
by Srenots 8] March 14, 2010
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