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Its a Band: Punk / Experimental / Metal
Type of Label Indie

The idea for Private Pile was started about two to three years ago when Ethan's cousin John convinced him to express his ideas through song. About a year ago Ethan, his friend Scott, his cousin John, and John's friend Darren recorded "Status Quo" and "Fight For Equality". Without playing any shows or actually having a real band, Ethan decided to add new members. Two of his best friends from Madison High just so happened to fit the roles he needed. Chris and Adam, became the new members of Private Pile. Then while Adam was walking down the street he found an awesome drummer, Steven, and Private Pile was born. Expect to hear a bunch of hard punk, old-school hardcore, metal and experimental stuff mixed with political messages and views from us about the near future. You'll be hearing more from us soon.

gotten from
Person 1: Who listen to any punk?
Person 2: I do i listen to green day
Person 1: That's not punk. Punk will be Private Pile
by yhfjfxjhf November 11, 2006
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