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Nicknames: lili, cilia, lia, cici, princie, prince,

Princilia can me a first, middle, and even a last name. People that have the name Princilia are usually very humble and smart. They love flirting and meeting new people. There confident and have no problem being unique and different.they are major dreamers and huge successors. In school there are usually alot of boys & girls who can't get there eyes off them. There favorite subject in school is usually gym and science.but there also good at arts. There usually the type of girls who would sign up for every sport because there not afraid to try new things. If you know someone with the name Princilia

Girl 1: I don't understand how she can be so gorgeous funny and smart all at the same time! And she has so many friends to.

Girl 2: ikr she must have the name Princilia
by Hottiey July 18, 2018
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