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The sexiest Disney prince since Prince Eric ("The Little Mermaid", 1989) and Aladdin ("Aladdin", 1992). He is the newest Disney prince and appears in the movie "The Princess and the Frog" (2009). You will definately be having cartoon lust during the whole movie.
Girl 1: Did you see "The Princess and the Frog"?
Girl 2: Yeah, that Prince Naveen is so sexy!
Girl 1: Agreed.

Girl 1: Prince Naveen is so hot! He might just be hotter than Aladdin!
Girl 2: Definately! He's like the badass version of Prince Eric!

Girl 1: I just saw "The Princess and the Frog" today, that prince was so sexy! I had cartoon lust during the whole movie!
Girl 2: I know! I don't even care that he was a frog for most of the film, it was still hot as hell!
by ronmoni December 23, 2009
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