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A lemon that is pressed.


More commonly a 'repressed lesbian'

Thanks to tumblr users this term is used to describe Quinn Fabray from the popular television show 'Glee'.
Faberry shippers are convinced that Quinn is infact a lesbian due to some of her actions on the show, and fans are urging her to realize the feelings she has for Rachel Berry.
Example 1

Rachel: What is a pressed lemon?

Quinn: A lemon that is pressed.

Example 2

James: Do you think Quinn is in love with Rachel and is secretly a pressed lemon ?

Faberry shiper: If those pornographic drawings on the bathroom wall, the very detailed but not very accurate drawing of Rachel Quinn drew with hearts around it, the stares in Keep Holding On, and opposite sex insults are anything to go by, its no secret. I'd say Quinn is definitely a pressed lemon.

Example 3

Rachel: After 6 months of intense deductive reasoning training, which of course i never really needed in the first place due to my natural ability, I have come to the conclusion Quinn Fabray that you are in fact a pressed lemon!
Quinn: No I'm not man hands!
Rachel: See!!
Quinn: Shut it Berry!
Rachel: Pressed lemon.
by Charlie746 August 11, 2010
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Person 1- Omg (person 2) why are you such a lesbian?
Person 2- I'm not a lesbian! Being gay is wrong and God tells us not to be gay
Person 1- You need to stop being such a pressed lemon, all that repression is going to make you need some intense therapy.
by kapowinxx3 September 05, 2010
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