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An age old fight between the "preppies" and the "Non-conformists".

Preppies (aka: Jocks)usually never cause problems unless surrounded by friends: usually dislike the non-conformists because of their activities or looks. they do not like Band kids, art kids, theatre kids or any other nonathletic kids because of the simple fact that they do not do the typical highschool activities.

Non-conformists(aka: nerds, dorks, bandies, theater dorks, art dorks, goths, emos, punks etc.) can fight by themselves because of higher IQ: Ironically named, people who do not like the Preppies because of the preppy dislike of them. People who do not go to brand name stores like Hollister and spend $80 on a shirt and instead go to Hot Topic and spend $80 on a shirt. They hate the Preppy activites like sports.

Both groups dress exactly like their respective members and hate eachother for no apparent reason than clothing and extra curricular activities.
Preppy vs. Non-conformists
1.Preppy: Hey you! kid in the tripp pants!
P: you're gay *snickering to friends*
N-C: whatever Jock-itch
P: what? *scratches head*
by Sikstix July 04, 2009
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