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A combination of the two dumbest types of people. Listens to pop-rap and thinks that Lil Wayne is the most "gangsta" person to ever walk the earth. Talks like he's from the ghetto even though he's a rich kid.

The biggest insult to a preppy gangsta is to question whether he's really a gangsta or not. Pretends to be in the bloods or crips even though if he walked into any neighborhood that is tough at all he would get the shit beat out of him. Preppy gangsta's talk shit about everyone and brag about being gangsta's. They always get there ass kicked when they get in fights but make up excuses for why they always get beat up. Calls eveyone "gay" and picks on nerdy kids to make himself feel like a badass.
His parents are very ashamed of him.
David: Dude Josh got his ass kicked again today for talking shit about somebody but said he only lost the fight because his shoe was untied
Brandon: He's such a preppy gangsta.
by Arto494 January 13, 2010
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