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Derived from the latin 'smyftus interuptus'. To have your profile banned (or smyffed) from social networks earlier than planned. Usually caused as a result of the profile owner not using enough patience or discretion when pushing the social network rulebook.

When a profile owner suffers premature smiffulation, they do not gain automatic entry into the social graveyard. They must first get their profile reactivated in order to complete their work. Only then can they pass through the pearly gates.
JOHN: What's up Dave, you're looking out of sorts?

DAVE: Sorry John, I was miles away. I was just about to reach my peak last night when I err......prematurely don't's not funny!

JOHN: I know Dave, sorry. If it's any consolation, premature smiffulation is quite normal and it happens to a lot of profiles. Try taking one of these about 30 minutes before you next log-on and you'll have that profile up in no time.

DAVE: Thanks John, you're a true friend......just please don't tell Jenny!

JOHN: Too late Dave, I Tweeted her whilst you were whining....wus!!
by Mahabarat March 10, 2010
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