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The act of going into the Apple store and taking many obnoxious pictures, then either uploading them to any social networking site such as facebook, or just emailing them to yourself. Symptoms of Premature Emaculation are, but not limited to, many unnecessary pictures taken, aggravation of peers, and the occasional leaving behind of the pictures taken on the Mac, resulting in moments of WTF and OMGWTFBBQ from the next person to test that computer.

It is termed 'Premature' because the person does not actually have a Mac, but likes to pretend they do because it has cool photo-filters.
Teenage Girl: Oh my god, let's go into the Apple store and take a bunch of pictures! We can twist our faces or make it look like a comic book! YAY!

*a metric fuckton of photobooth pictures later*

Teenage Girl: I'm SO uploading this to my myspace and facebook. I'll even tag you all! TTYL!

Onlooking Employee: Look at those girls; they're suffering from Premature Emaculation!
by matthejew September 27, 2009
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