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The pain which is severely over-rated by women. Women use the pain of sustained labour to control men: i.e. "Dónall, grab me a beer", "Fuck bitch, get it yourself", "I went through 3 hours of pregnancy pain for you dickwad!"

Evidence that this "pain" is only used to control can further be found in the fact that women are often prepared to go through it more than once. Women claim that giving birth hurts more than a kick in the gonadz. But lets be honest, what guy would willingly take more than one kick in the gonadz?
1. Hormonal pregnant lady-dragon: "I'd bet pregnancy pain hurts far more than a kick in the ballbag".

Disgruntled male: "Fuck that shit. Leave my testes alone".

2. Father: "Hey, woman, I'm hitting Amsterdam with the guys this weekend"

Bitch-ass Mother: "Oh hell no, you aint. I went through 6 hours of labour pain to mother your kids and you are taking them to their waterpolo match!"

Father (under his breath): "Dang, I'm whipped. Sex sure aint worth this shit"
by PregnancyPain?Pah. March 28, 2010
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