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A pregnant woman who believes the world revolves around her and the spawn baking in her uterus. These women most likely had large and elaborate weddings with several rules and regulations for the groom, wedding attendants, and the guests (also see Bridezilla or beebee). Attention must be on her at all times. Caution, tantrums will ensue and Armageddon will occur if she does not get what she wants. Women can become one with no warning at any time from conception to birth.
Barbara: You know, Alexis is really becoming a Preggosaurus Rex.

Cindy: Really? Why?

Barbara: Because, that biatch put the Orbit travel system, baby Bellini custom made furniture, and Abercrombi and Fitch Kids on her baby registry. AND she also is throwing her own shower because her sister is fed up and expects us to pay $56 per person at the St. Regis Hotel for the party!

Cindy: Say wwwwuuuuuttt?! I was just going to get her a 3-pack of bibs from Target.
by Principal_Dannie January 13, 2010
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