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A logical fallacy where claiming something is an "ism" (i.e. racism or sexism, etc) because a person(A) is part of a specific group and not because of specific comments or actions from person(B) towards that person(A).

Related to both "appeal to emotion" and "ad hominem" logical fallacies: By claiming "ism" one party appears as the victim (thus appealing to emotion) while smearing the other party negatively as racist, or sexist, or other (thus an ad hominem attack).
Jane: "Donald Trump interrupting Hillary Clinton during the debate is a sign of sexism."
Dan: "Why?"
Jane: "Well, because she's a woman."
Dan: "That's Preemptive-"ism", Jane."

Greg: "Obama's healthcare plan hasn't worked out too well for him."
Steven: "That's racist!"
Greg: "Why?"
Steven: "Because Obama is black!"
Greg: "That's Preemptive-"ism", Steven."
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by Murderton October 31, 2016
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