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It’s the irrational fear of yoga, especially social yoga, because of all the farts that take place, during yoga.

Prana is a Sanskrit word for “life force”, and it’s a very common yoga word.
Phobia is the irrational fear of or aversion to something.

So Pranaphobia is literally the fear of “life force”, i.e. farts.
Trisha: Hey Milton, wanna come with me to my free yoga class this afternoon?

Milton: No
Patrick: Ohh! And why is that? Are you a stiffie? Are you one of those “stiffies" Milton?

Milton: No sir, Patrick! I’m just very, very afraid of yoga people because of all the farts. All the uncanny farts!
Trisha: Whoa
Patrick: Whoa indeed, what a wacko. You should get that stuff checked out man, it might be a clinica—

Milton: Yes! Patrick. It is. It’s a clinical condition if that’s what you’re asking. And it’s called pranaphobia. I am just afraid of yoga because of all the farts! I mean, there’s just too much farting going on in there, and that’s just not my thing y’know.
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by platonymous February 07, 2017
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