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Deriving from the word pretentious. Meaning to be of, or filled with, pretentiousness. Could be used to caracterise objects, content or people. Often used by academics within humaniora.

Must not be confused with the word pretentia wich is defined as a more pretentiated way of saying pretentousness. Prætentsiæ is an object of, a content of, or a person of, pretentia, but it is not pretentiousness in itself.

(Alternative spelling for the linguistically and textcodally impared: Praetentsiae)
Musicology censor: His thesis on the orchestration in Richard Strauss' Heldenleben was pure prætentsiæ and lacked a genuine understanding of organology and instrumentation.

Art Professor: I just had a meeting with my new students for the prehistoric art seminar.
Art Professors' husband: Good crowd this year?
Art Professor: Half of them magnun prætentsiæ and the other half dimwitted curiositists who will loose interest when any serious work is demanded of them.
Art Professors' husband: Same as ever.
by Curiositist January 14, 2011
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