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med. N. adj. (1) A non-specific testicular swelling due to a pethology, or otherwise. (2) A 2 inch testicular descent upon vocalisation of a low G in bass clef.
Poynter's sign in practice

Enlargement is graded with a bell (end) shaped normal distribution curve - the Soysa scale. Through stages 1-5, with stage 3 being considered of normal/acceptable size. Stages 1 and 5 are attributed to extreme manifestations of underlying pathology/low pitch.

Investigation and diagnosis is by means of a trou-down, and diagnosis is confirmed by means of illicited transillumination with the laser-Poynter (head torch with multiple light modes).

Treatment is 8x25ml doses of jager (stat) over a one minute period. Relapse is often noted on long bus journeys or in shared accomodation.
by LP2206 July 10, 2008
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