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To repeatedly text another person in an effort to get their attention immediately. Often about something minor or unimportant to everyone but the person power texting. Similar to power calling.
Rick @ 1:30 p.m. - "Hey man what's up"
Rick @ 1:32 p.m. - "Dude what's up"
Rick @ 1:34 p.m. - "Bro what are you doin?"
Rick @ 1:35 p.m. - "You busy?"
Rick @ 1:35 p.m. - "Call me when you can"
James @ 1:47 p.m - "Damn dude I was in a meeting what's going on?"
Rick @ 1:50 p.m. - "I was tryin to see if you wanted to play frisbee"
James @ 1: 52 p.m. - "Dude don't power text me any more"
by Brett Hull May 14, 2010
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