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Power Puff Syndrome occurs when an artist gives up on attempting to actually draw. Instead of hands, you will receive stubs. Instead of feet, tiny little rounded at the end limbs. And finally, overly large craniums.

Common in "cutesy" drawings, the term Power Puff Syndrome was birthed from the show's name of which the (mostly referred to) drawing style took place. "The Power Puff Girls (1998-2005)" often depicted their characters lacking in detail most common animations or cartoons would typically contain. Even going further to enhance the cranial area in size to give the style a more cute look.

The characters, which were of the show's namesake, lacked hands, feet and often times (if not 24/7) had their hair designs practically forming most of their heads. Instead of having constant shading, details of any sort, and overly large gleaming eyes, there was The Power Puff Girls.

The producers and illustrators behind the show tried well too hard to impress a younger, feminine audience.

And it worked, even for some of the guys out there.
"He couldn't draw hands very well, and he knew it, so he resorted to drawing minuscule, chibi like characters; their name, The Power Puff Girls."

That pretty much sums up "Power Puff Syndrome", when an artist just gives up on actually trying.
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by PepperidgeFarmRemembers April 25, 2017
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