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The radio station that all the Niggers and Spics listen to in Miami. The Original name of the radio station was “Power Nigger Spic”, however, due to FCC regulations the name of the radio station was changed to “Power Ninety Six”. After a significant drop in listeners subsequent to the name change, radio station executives determined that neither Niggers nor Spics could read the new name (Power Ninety Six) due to the high levels of illiteracy that both species poses. In order to get Street Apes (AKA Niggers) and illegal gardeners (AKA Spics) to tune in and listen to their jungle music, radio station executives changed the name to Power 96.
COON- Yo son, you know that hood rat that be on Power 96 that looks like my shit after I eat corn.

PEDRO - WORD!? you mean that dirty hoe Lucy Lopez?

COON- Yeah that FAT Hoe, done came to my crib fucked all my boyz then ate all my food.

PEDRO - I know this son! i was there and I gave her a Cosby Sweater.
by Rip the Jacker 666 November 15, 2010
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