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Source of power for the original group of heroes known as the Power Rangers. When placed in a Power Morpher, you would need to raise your Morpher forward and call out the power given to you on the coin. When this happened, a metamorphosis occured, causing the user to have a power suit and helmet, showing the power given to them, as well as giving access to colossal assault vehicles known as "Zords". The original five coins had Dino Zord power, and consisted of the Black Mastadon, the Pink Pterodactyl, the Blue Triceratops, the Yellow Sabretooth Tiger, and the Red Tyrannosaurus. An evil coin with the power of the Green Dragonzord was also created by Rita Repulsa, but the power was later used for good, then lost forever due to an object known as the Green Candle. To replace it, Zordon and Alpha 5 created the White Tigerzord coin. All the power coins were cracked right around the time the Rangers got their new power from the Zeo Crystal, but we now know that at least one coin, the Red Tyrannosaurus, is still used by it's original owner, Jason Lee Scott.
"Tigerzord!" "Dragonzord!"-Tommy Oliver
"Mastadon!"-Zack Taylor, Adam Park
"Pterydactyl!"-Kimberly Hart
"Triceratops!"-Billy Cranston
"Sabretooth Tiger!"-Trini Kwan, Aisha Campbell
"Tyrannosaurus!"-Rocky DeSantos, Jason Lee Scott
by Clow September 16, 2004
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