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def 1. a snowboarder, from an original group (or "crew") of snowboarders from the Glenwood Springs, Colorado area, circa 1993.

def 2. any friend or powder-poaching, treeriding cohort of the original group, who is promoted into the fraternal order of Powder Cowboys™, by an original Powder Cowboy™ member.

def 3. a cattle rancher who uses cocaine recreationally, not to be confused with the first two definitions.

note: some Canadians also came up with "Powder Cowboy" to brand their (apparently epic) backcountry snowboarding guide company, years after the original group of Coloradans were already making shirts and apparel. Just to be clear. However, the original group would be more than happy to make friends with the Canadian group, and allow them to continue to use their name, in exchange for free riding and guide service at their location. :)
Looks like a Powder Cowboy™ cut the rope, and made tracks over in that closed area.

Whoa look at that line in those tight trees! A Powder Cowboy™ was there.

He is no gaper. He is a Powder Cowboy™.

Follow the Powder Cowboy™. He knows the line.

Had another epic day riding with Powder Cowboy™.
by Powder Cowboy March 31, 2011
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