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A type of private gossiping or chatting that occurs between two or more females that takes place in the bathroom, restroom, toilet or powder room, away from the current social situation. The topic of a powder chat usually includes the current social situation that the females have removed themselves from, for example talking about the guys they are on a double date with.
"Hey Jenny, do you want to go for a quick powder chat?"

Here Jenny and friend are on a double date and the use of 'powder chat' is code for 'lets go to the toilet and discuss this date.

A: "OMG! I just saw my boyfriend making out with some girl!!"
B & C: "Come with us, I think this needs a powder chat!"

Here A spots her boyfriend cheating on her in a club. Her friends, B and C see that this is a tense situation that needs to be addressed, so the suggest going for a powder chat.
by southafrica92 November 12, 2013
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