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1) A group of outdoor enthusiasts that ski and ride their bikes all over natural vistas in search of a muskrat's semen.

2) Bros that shred hard and do stupid tricks like "rat grabs" while they yell "I'm a Powder Rat, check me out!"

3) Monks that brew a special energy drink made up of rats milk and rat semen which enables them to endure long car rides with sod.

4) Guys that fuck rats in the butt (see assplay) in an effort to attain their rat essence.
Person 1: Who the hell is that asshole over there? He's being a fucking asshole!

Person 2: Oh that dude, yea, he's a Powder Rat. A member of that stupid club, the Powder Ratz.
by Mr Powder Ratz October 13, 2011
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