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If you break it, you bought it.
Congress and POTUS: What Fiscal Cliff?
US Citizens: You guys don't understand the Pottery Barn Rule: Once you break the economy, you are going to own it. There are going to be 315 million citizens looking at you asking how you let the stock market crash and start a global recession. You will spend the rest of the decade undoing all you didn't do, if you aren't voted out of office first.

George: I want to invade Iraq
Colin: Once you break it, you are going to own it, and we’re going to be responsible for 26 million people standing there looking at us. And it’s going to suck up a good 40 to 50 percent of the Army for years. And it’s going to take all the oxygen out of the political environment. . ."
by VaGentry December 29, 2012
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