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Potatoe Knocking is a simple prank where you bend a wire hanger long ways, and then back on itself so that it can hold a potato in the bend. then you hang it on the door knob or door knocker of a persons frong door with a long string tied to it. you run accross the street with the other end of the string, and give it a few strong tugs. somebody answers the door, doesnt find anybody, and only a potato. They usually say something like "what the fuck? potatoe?"

A Person tugs the string durring a successful potato knocking exploit-
:thud thud thud:
(Person answers door)
"What the fuck? A potato?"

:thud thud thud:
"damn kids and those fucking potatoes"

Either way its a good time
by evenmoutcandoit May 26, 2008
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