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Post-System-Crash Depression (or PSCD) is the inevitable feeling and/or onset of depression brought on by the failure of a significant electronics item. It is marked by the general symptoms of depression usually centered around the idea that the 'reliable' system they had been using has failed them utterly. Examples of failures that may cause the condition include (but are not limited to):

1) Video Game Crashes after significant amounts of unsaved progress
2) Computer component failure

The only know cure for PSCD is time. Eventually the individual will reconcile with his system and accept its faults and try to improve upon them. In some cases though, therapy has been shown to aid the process.

While normally applied to electronics, PSCD can be used to describe similar symptoms that occur due to the failure of a physical system.

PSCD condition may be related to a the phenomenon of losing ones invincibility virginity, an occurrence in which a victim becomes depressed after having a significantly traumatic even occur to them, who before didn't think or realize such a thing could befall them.
Guy 1: Man, Steve's been unhappy all week. I thought hed be happy once he'd got his computer back.

Guy 2: Well, you know. It's that Post-system-crash depression. He just doesn't think thing s will ever be the same.
by turtlbrdr November 10, 2010
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