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Post-dramatic sex disorder (PDSD) may develop after a person is exposed to one or more erotic encounters, such as a 3-way, being bound, spanked, gagged, hooded or overstimulated when having safe, enjoyable, life changing sex. The diagnosis may be given when a group of symptoms, such as stimulating recurring flashbacks, daydreaming or holding onto exciting memories of the event, and sexual arousal, continue for more than a month after the occurrence of the dramatic or erotic event. Most people having experienced a dramatic or erotic event will not develop PDSD. People who experience a major orgasm, are dominated, extorted or coerced into the encounter are more likely to develop PDSD, as opposed to people who experience vanilla sex or merely watch pornography.
Me: I keep dropping my phone . . . It's because of my sweaty palms.
Him: Why are your palms are all sweaty?
Me: It's Post-Dramatic Sex Disorder (PDSD) from being spit-roasted by you and your friend last week.
Him: Oh, I meant to tell you . . . he is on his way.
by Pools Rule August 31, 2015
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