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That awful feeling you get after you bust your load. In a matter of seconds, your whole world of fantasies fades away and that porn you were watching, or that girl you were doing suddenly becomes revolting. You wonder what the hell you were thinking, and you bask in your depression until the syndrome resides. PBS usually lasts for up to 30 minutes.
Example 1:

Guy: GUAHHHH! *busts*
*sits there while the porno continues on*
Guy: WTF was I thinking, this post-bust syndrome is AWFUL!
*uses free hand to awkwardly move the mouse and close the porno*

Example 2:

Guy: GUAHHHHH! *busts*
Girl: Wanna cuddle babe?
Guy: Hell no, get out of my sight.
by B68B January 30, 2010
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