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Post Mardi-Gras Depression, sometimes credited as PMGD, is a hangover-like (pun intended) state which effects all who attend the annual New Orleans tradition. The condition is brought upon by the end of wild partying, the onset of school/work, lack of free plastic, and the actualization that, for most men, they will not see another pair of good knockers until next Mardi Gras.

Symptoms include open weeping, headaches, drowsiness and the realization that your life may, in fact, be worthless. After Hurricane Katrina, many New Orleans citizens committed suicide once the city announced that Mardi Gras may never resume again.

Only time can undo these symptoms, as the patient will realize that Mardi-Gras will come again. As time passes, and as Mardi Gras approaches again, euphoria generally ensues.
1. I was going to go to church for Ash Wednesday, but I was so smitten by Post Mardi Gras Depression that I couldnt get out of bed.

2. On his way home from Bourbon Street on Tuesday night, John intentionally ran his car off the Crescent-City Connection, killing himself. Most people believe he did this when he realized that no woman would get drunk enough to sleep with him until next Mardi-Gras.
by MG MD February 26, 2009
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