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When you say something that could be considered stereotyping or racist, but it is phrased in a non-negative way.
Fred: Yea my black friend Joe had those mad black hops at the game last night!

Bert: That is such a bad stereotyping!

Fred: No, no, I'm just using a positive stereotype. I'm being positively racist.
by Schubs August 30, 2010
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Any stereotype of any particular group of people that is perceived asmore positive than negative (for example, the stereotype that all Canadians are nice is a positive one).

Of course though, it should be noted that not all groups of people fit positive stereotypes most of the time and that they are bound to fit the more negative ones, so it would be best to not stereotype any group at all (no matter how good or bad the stereotype may be).
One positive stereotype about British people is that they're all sophisticated, but in reality not all Brits are highly cultured so I'm just gonna not stereotype no matter what.
by CelticEagle February 19, 2019
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