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This sexual act is only for the serious ho. This is the Portland Doubledriver with a classic finish.

It begins by positioning a chick with has her ass straight up in the air with only the back of her head and neck touching the floor. She can be held in position by a couch or small table. A more flexible & talented ho can use the back of her arms and elbows to get her ass in the right position.

A dude then stands over the chick, spits on her pussy, aims his cock straight down with his right hand, and drives it with much force into her cunt. Then the cock is completely pulled out. He then her spits on her butthole, aims his cock straight down again, and drives it into her ass. This process is repeated back and forth from ass to cunt. When he is ready to bust his nut he then spits in her mouth, takes out his dirty poop and puss covered stick, and drops it all the way down in her mouth to the back of her throat. The skank gets a quadruple dose of cunt, ass, spit & sperm. The ultimate humiliation.
I guess self-esteem is not an issue with Sally. I gave her the Portland Tripledriver last week and she's still speaking to me. What a dirty skank!
by uojr October 13, 2004
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