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1. Unkin' to the highest degree possible. (Unkin' meaning acting high.)

2. Texting while simultaneously unkin' and acting like a porpoise (The 'por' in 'porpoinckstin' meaning porpoise in the prefix of the word.)

3. Acting in a meditational state used by Unkists ,followers of Unkism, which is the religion that consists of unkin'; in which Unkist's reach a completely peaceful state that completes their inner unkitude.
1. "I just saw Christine screaming 'NO!' at the top of her lungs while tickling everybody in site. She's usually just unkin', but right now she has got to be porpoinckstin'!"

2. "Dude, Doug was just texting meaningless texts to Alex while making porpoise sounds!"

"It sounds to me like Doug is porpoinckstin'."

3. "It looks like that Unkist over there is having an out-of-body experience. He's probably in a porpoinckstin' state right now."
by lilhippomanman June 02, 2009
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