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Noun; After a long night of hard drinking, you make your way to the kitchen for some coffee and an advil. Suddenly, your adventure is cut short by an urgent need to detour to the nearest trusty T-bowl. You squat over your porcelain goddess and spew forth vile cetoplasm from your nether-eye in such a fashion that it takes the form of liquid poo glue on the top of the water. The poo-poo platter floats magestically, but before you can admire your brown puddle of disdain, you purge one epic rock into the center of the squirto-plasm. You now admire the lump, which sits imperially on top of the poo glue.... Good morning starshine -- You've just created poopy sunny side up!
My name is Brandis and I'd like to tell you about the person sitting next to me. He smells like he had poopy sunny side up with a side of doodoo feces balls for breakfast.
by Jon Beech November 02, 2006
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