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A rare monkey found frolicking through the forests of Honduras. They eat what they find on the ground, usually muffins made with crickets, bullfrogs, and sometimes blood, and on rare occasions with pieces of glass in them. If you listen carefully you will hear the faint sound of the poop, as they call it, muttering to itself, usually saying such phrases as, "What are we doing?", "Why are we happening?", "What is box happening?", "Denzel Washington" and others. At night, they will be found near the riverbank talking to the liopleurodons. This animal is extremely smart and dangerous, so if you're in the forests of Honduras and hear the sound of the monkey hitting its chest, stay far away.
*thump thump thump*

"Oh no! It's a Poop Magoo! RUN AWAY!"
by Excess Body Heat March 21, 2007
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