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"Pompous Pep," otherwise known as "Endangered Species," is a euphemism for the Vlad/Danny slash ships in the Danny Phantom fandom. Most ships have code names of this sort (Skulker/Danny is Callous Quarry; Walker/Danny is Jail Bait; Clockwork/Dan is Meddling Minutes) so as to make searching for stories with that pairing easier for fans.

For example, a lot of stories might have the words "Vlad" and "Danny" in the description, but more often than not those are father/son fics. Likewise, Skulker is always chasing Danny, and Dan is hardly ever seen without Clockwork right behind him. This is just a simple mechanism the fans created to simplify searching for their favorite pairings, though most fans would like to viciously strangle whoever came up with the sometimes less-than-appealing names.
Girl 1: I was reading some Pompous Pep the other day, and it was so cute! And Danny was TOTALLY trying to molest Vlad, and... o3o
Girl 2: Stop. Just stop. -__-
Girl 1: T^T
by SkulFetish May 11, 2008
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