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Oral sex which results in wakening from sleep.

Derived from the Roman city of Pompeii, which is known for its rampant prostitution and sexual debauchery.
Example 1:
Guy 1: "How'd it go with that girl from the party last night?"
Guy 2: "It went great! She gave me a Pompeii Wake-Up Call this morning and then made me bacon and pancakes."
Guy 1: "Nice!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she makes the best pancakes."

Example 2:
Girl 1: "You two left the party pretty drunk last night, how'd it go?
Girl 2: "Neither of us remember the night, but the morning was horrible!"
Girl 1: "Why? What happened?"
Girl 2: "I thought he was giving me a Pompeii Wake-Up Call, but then I realized he just passed out with his face between my legs."
by G. I. Love August 14, 2009
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