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To have anal sex with a stack of pineapple rings positioned over the anus while the person is upside down with their ass in the air.
Sally is a real go getter, she'll do anything, last night I introduced her to the polynesian piledriver
by Double Bs May 06, 2008
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Perform a normal pile driver. Lay a woman on her back and force her legs over her head. The man squats over the woman and forces his erect penis downward into the woman's vagina. The man then thrusts up and down like a jackhammer. In addition, the man takes the spiky head of a pineapple and shoves it up the woman's ass providing a very unpleasant sensation, along with a nice aroma and possible bleeding. If you want to get fancy and perform a "Polynesian pearl piledriver" the man must also dip his balls in honey and shaved coconut adding to the pleasant aroma.
My bitch was in the mood for pineapples, so I gave her a Polynesian pile driver. Nonetheless she never asked for pineapples again.
Sex piledriver pineapple
by hoover50 November 07, 2015
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