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The largest Polynesian event in the world. Featuring performances on stages of all Polynesian countries and also a diversity stage. A secondary school competition. #repyourcountry

Held in the beginning of Term 1 in the New Zealand school year at the Manukau Sports bowl in Manukau. Famous for their Asian straw hats and the dumb shits who wear their Kathmandu jackets in summer.
Also known as 'fightfest' for the 100s of fights that happen each year usually after prize giving. 100% guaranteed

The fights are between rival gang members, Tonga vs. Samoa, Niuean vs. Samoan, anyone vs. Samoan.
All the good fights are viral on Facebook and those kids get a hiding from their parents, when they get home.

A lot of shit starts between school's like Avondale, Kelston and St Bolos when one of them beat the other two on Tongan or Samoan stage.

A celebration of Polynesian culture full of immature little kids who just want to have a hoka with anyone because they think they're tough.

Remember Court is up the road. Don't be dumb.
'Doks when are you performing at Polyfest?'

'Saturday, 10am.'

'Ghee, she said she's gonna knock you out.'
'Since when?'
'She said she's going to drop you at poly.'

•poly= shortened name for polyfest when used around that time and in the correct context.
by Plak.poly April 10, 2018
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