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When John McCain and the GOP launched their ‘America First’ campaign in 2008, it soon became painfully obvious that it was nothing more than a campaign slogan with the ‘demographic over qualifications’ pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Within a matter of days it became evident that Palin had no concept of what the vice president’s job entailed, no insight to the political arena beyond the “Leaving Wasilla” road sign in south-central Alaska and was very poorly read.

Palin cost McCain the election and was snubbed by the Republican Party. So what’s a pitbull in lipstick to do? Write a book, quit your job, pack up the Governor’s Mansion, and hit the road to stir the ‘Real Americans’ into a psychotic frenzy by promising them a way to ‘Take Back America.’

Two years later, through a politically cruel twist of fate for the GOP, Sarah Palin, along with such pseudo celebrities as Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, now commands the largest contingent of misfits in the history of American politics – The Tea Party – and they’re splitting the Republican Party right down the middle.
Although the Tea Party doesn’t yet have the numbers to win seats in the big elections, they do have the numbers to take votes away from the other candidates so they can’t win them either – and where are most of these votes coming from? The Republican Party. How’s that for Political Karma?
by Politic Ric October 25, 2010
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